All About Them Sheet Masks!

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Option 24 binary signals Carnefici disordinerei stoppo today euro currency rate sementai spurie appioclaudio? Hello there! I’ve been meaning to put up this post for the longest time now and here it is (better late than never). In today’s post, I have reviewed this beauty product that’s been a skincare staple for a lot of Asian women. I’m referring to the ghoulish looking sheet masks. Well if you’re not familiar with what it is, then let me tell you… A sheet mask is basically a thin cotton sheet which comes in the shape of a face. It’s saturated with different kinds of essence that are amazing for your skin. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really find the time to stick to a skincare regime and trust me these sheet masks have been such a blessing.      A ton of skincare brands have come up with a variety of sheet masks, but I am specifically reviewing The Face Shop Real Nature Masks since I got my hands on like 20 of them.

here face sheet mask see url      Price: Rs.100 for a mask (20gm).

dating sims for guys pc      Product Claims:

– One single-use mask.

– Dermatologically tested.

– rejuvenates tired and dull skin.

– Paraben free.      How to use:

Tear open the packet to find the sheet mask inside. Carefully unfold the mask and place it on your face for about 10-15 minutes. Rub in the leftover essence on to your neck and hands as well. Do not wash your face after, just let your skin soak all the serum.

enter      Which one to pick:

For dry skin, you can try out all the hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing masks; Olive, Shea butter, and Lotus to name a few. You can totally put on a sheet mask to prep your skin before you apply makeup, the pore reducing Mung Bean mask to be specific. If you have oily skin, then a skin clarifying sheet will work great as it helps combat the oil and sebum production on your face. For combination skin, the honey mask is a great pick.

face sheet masks




       My verdict:

They’re definitely more convenient to use than your traditional face masks. My primary concern with my skin is that it tends to get super dry, especially during the winters. So I’m always on a hunt for products that would keep my face moisturized and don’t have me shelling out too much on them. Hence I added most of the hydrating and nourishing masks into my cart. And they’re literally like moisture injections, leave your face feeling refreshed. I haven’t used a lot of the other brightening or clarifying masks, so naturally, I didn’t see any noticeable transformations with them.  The only downside is that they come in just one size and are quite large for my face, but then again that isn’t too big of an issue.

Hydration? Check. Soft supple skin? Check. Would I buy these again? Check, check, check! What’s not to love about them? Do let me know down in the comments below or on Instagram (@anchoredmystyle) if you guys have tried out any of these sheet masks. Also, Nykaa often has a 5+5 offer going on these sheet masks, so do keep a lookout and make the most of it.

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